Coronavirus and AI: How is machine learning helping our fight against coronavirus

AI is at the forefront of our fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). For example Chinese search giant, Baidu, released LinearFold algorithm which is significantly faster than the traditional RNA folding algorithms. These are particularly good at predicting a virus’s secondary RNA structure - an essential requirement when we are looking for a cure. This algorithm reduced the analysis time from 55 minutes to 27 seconds i.e. 120 times faster.

Another example is the use of an AI powered non-contact infrared sensor system that offers swift multi-person temperature monitoring in many airports and railway stations. Some of these systems can examine up to 200 people in one minute!!

These are a few examples of the ways in which AI is currently (2020) being used to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. From drug discovery and diagnosis to tracking the spread of the virus, AI is proving to be a powerful tool in our fight against this global health crisis.

In addition, machine learning models have been used to predict the spread of the virus and estimate the impact on the healthcare system, which is vital for decision-making. AI models have also been used to analyze data from clinical trials and speed up the process of drug discovery. AI models have also been used to analyze CT scans and X-rays to automatically detect COVID-19 in patients.

Overall, AI is playing a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19. From speeding up the process of finding a cure to monitoring the spread of the virus, AI is helping us to better understand and manage this global health crisis. As the pandemic continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative uses of AI in the fight against COVID-19.